12 Features of Android 12 That Will Make Your Phone Smarter

12 features of android 12

If Google company brings such an update every year, then it changes the features of all SmartPhones. Yes, we are talking about the Android operating system. This year also, Google has introduced Android 12 while advancing its Android OS. As expected, Android 12 has entered the market with new updates and great features. So far, no smartphone brand has equipped its devices with this new Android, but in the coming days, mobile phones equipped with Android 12 will start selling in the market.

12 Features of Android 12

On the other hand, smartphone users can also download and install this Android version on their phone, whose method can be found here. Further in this article, we have told what features Google has equipped with Android 12 by dividing it into parts like Deeply Personal, Private and Secure and Better Together.

Deeply Personal

1. Design

Android 12 is entirely different from the Android OS in the last few years in terms of look. In this OS, Google has done a lot of work on the design. Attractive changes will be seen in the design and layout of the phone from the start of the phone to the meeting work and app functions etc. From transitions to themes, everything is kept very dynamic.

android 12 features

2. Color

After Android 12, the smartphone will no longer work only on light or dark themes. Many colour themes will work in your smartphone after this new Android OS. Android 12 has been made so that the wallpaper of any photo you put on your phone. The phone will change the theme of the phone according to the colour of that photo. The text and time watch on the home screen will also change to a different colour according to the image.

3. Notifications

Till now, whenever the smartphone was raised in hand to use, the phone’s screen was the first to see a multitude of notifications and the entire display was filled with messages from various apps. But this will not happen in Android 12. Whether the phone is locked or unlocked, no notification will be left idle on the screen. A separate panel of notifications has been created in this new OS, which can be checked by scrolling down.

android 12 download

4. Widget

With Android 12 OS, Google has also changed the design of widgets present in Android smartphones. The shape, look, and colour of the widgets and the animation that comes along with using them will now be different from before. In Android 12, these widgets will look more smooth, colourful and vibrant than before, and the way of using them will also be excellent. For example, the size of the clock has been increased, and the volume and shape of the ringer bar, calendar, weather, music player, etc., have been changed.

Private and Secure

5. Password

In Android 12, special care has been taken for the data security of smartphone users. Passwords used on different websites will be kept secure by Google. These passwords will be saved securely and filled in the required option within a few clicks if needed. Google Chrome and Android OS have worked together on this.

6. Transparency

Google has promised that there will be complete transparency about the data of Android users, when and where the user’s data is being used. Like the iOS of Apple iPhone, Android smartphones have given an indicator on the top right corner of the screen, which will tell when the phone’s mic or camera is being used. Whenever an application uses the phone’s camera or microphone, a small green light will flash on the screen simultaneously.

7. Privacy Dashboard

The Privacy Dashboard has also been added in Android 12, which is a handy feature. This tool will keep an account of everything when, for how long, mobile data, location, internet, etc., have been used by which app. Not only this but here, users will also be able to choose which app they want to give access to or remove. Smartphone users will also be able to decide the location’s accuracy from their choice and how much accurate information about your location has to be given to the app.

8. Private Computer Core

Google has also included Private Computer Core in Android 12. Some live information of mobile users such as Live Caption, Now Playing, and Smart Reply will be kept private through this. These features will be supported out of AI capability, due to which users will not have problems due to unnecessary advertising. Interactions and languages ​​will also be kept separate and private from the network.

Better Together

9. Multi-device connectivity

Through Better Together, Google has not limited the smartphone to just calling or the Internet but has emphasised using the mobile phone with other devices. Multi-device connectivity in Android 12 makes it easy and convenient to connect smartphones with TVs, fridges, lights and other home appliances and laptops.

android 12 feature

10. Single Tap

Talking about smartphones and laptops only, with Android 12, it will be possible that you can unlock the laptop with a single tap in the mobile phone. Not only this, the messages, contacts, etc. coming in the smartphone can also be accessed through the laptop. Even if the phone is kept far away while working on the laptop, the user will operate it from the laptop.

11. TV Remote

While watching television, we keep changing the channel after few minutes. Many times it happens that the remote of the TV is broken or the battery cells are exhausted. But with Android 12, the style of watching TV will also change. The television can be operated only through the smartphone, and for this, no external app etc., will be required.

android 12

12. Digital Car-Key

If you are happy with home appliances or TV remotes, then let us tell you that Android 12 has been designed to do much more and better than this. Google has introduced the digital car key, which can lock and unlock the car through a smartphone. On the other hand, if you are giving your vehicle to a friend, it can be transferred to other’s phone with a digital key, security and privacy.

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