5 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy M51

Samsung Galaxy M51

5 reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy M51 – After much discussion, Samsung has finally launched Samsung Galaxy M51. This phone comes with some great features and I am going to tell you five reasons to buy this phone. so let’s get started.

1) Processor

So the first reason is that it comes with a Snapdragon 730g processor, and I know it’s definitely not the fastest processor in that price segment, but Samsung always uses this processor in its mid-range smartphones .

This time around the 730g is a huge improvement coming from the Exynos 9611. So the 730g isn’t wrong for that price-point. This phone can be a good option for people who do light gaming and multi-tasking.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Processor - 5 Reasons to Buy the Samsung Galaxy M51
Samsung Galaxy M51 Processor

2) Battery

Now coming to the second reason, we get a massive 7000mAh battery, which is Samsung’s biggest battery ever. It is also the most powerful battery we can find in that price segment. So you can quickly expect a battery life of over two days.

We also get a Type-C to Type-C cable so that you can use your phone as a power bank to charge other devices.

We also get a 25W fast charger in the box, which can charge the phone in about 2 hours. Now I know that this is undoubtedly the best charging time but you have to note that this phone comes with a 7000mAh battery as compared to other phones, which makes the phone need more time to charge.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Battery
Samsung Galaxy M51 Battery

3) Performance

Now coming to the third point, we get a big 6.7” Super AMOLED display with 20:9 aspect ratio, and what makes this display unique is that this display is a Super AMOLED display which means we As always features – On display, the screen looks better as compared to IPS LCD screen. It also helps in saving battery life.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Display
Samsung Galaxy M51 Display

4) Camera

Now coming to the fourth reason, we get a 64MP quad camera with the primary sensor being Sony IMX 682. The main sensor can capture some great pictures and pair it with a 13mp ultra-wide camera, 5mp depth and other 5mp macro cameras. . This makes the phone cameras suitable.

Talking about the front camera, we get a 32mp selfie camera which is great considering the price of the phone. That camera can click some great selfies, which makes this phone’s camera great.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Camera
Samsung Galaxy M51 Camera s

5) Pricing

Coming to the last and fifth point of the price, Samsung has priced this phone well, making it an excellent phone overall. The phone starts at Rs. 24,999 for the 6 + 128GB RAM variant and Rs. 26,999 for the 8+128GB RAM variant.

Samsung Galaxy M51 pricing
Samsung Galaxy M51 pricing

Overall, this phone is excellent, and considering that Samsung has priced this phone well, it could be a perfect choice for many. 

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