BattleGrounds Mobile India Will Access This Data From Your Phone

BattleGrounds Mobile India Data Access

BattleGrounds Mobile India is available for download in India. While the company had earlier introduced the beta version of this phone, now seeing the demand of users, BGMI Early Access has also been released. That is, Android SmartPhone users can download and install this new PUBG Mobile on their phones and enjoy the game. But do you know what data BattleGrounds Mobile India is tracking on your phone and how safe or dangerous it is?

BattleGrounds Mobile India Data Access

BattleGrounds Mobile India, the new form of PUBG Mobile, will keep an eye on what things you have downloaded and access your data; this information must be known before downloading and installing this game on your phone. The biggest reason behind the ban of PUBG Mobile in India was the security of users’ data. In such a situation, it is also essential to ensure how safe the Battlegrounds Mobile India game will keep your data lest this chicken dinner cost you a bit more.

Must be 16 years old to play

BattleGrounds Mobile India is rated ’16+’. Playing this mobile game is said to be suitable only for those people whose age is more than 16 years. This game is not recommended for people under the age of 16. This rating is due to the content and intense violence of this game. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see whether the age of people who download Battlegrounds Mobile India on the phone will be more than 16. The KRAFTON company will disregard this rating by throwing dust in the eyes of the Government of India.

This data of the phone will have the right to the game.

1. Device & app history

BattleGrounds Mobile India has made it clear that the game app will keep the users’ phone and the app history under its control. Along with this, the data of which apps are present and running on the phone while playing the game will also be recorded with the company.

2. Photos/Media/Files

This new version of PUBG Mobile will also keep monitoring the media files of the phone. That is, the BattleGrounds Mobile India game will be able to fully access your photos, personal videos and other media files in your phone gallery. To view the storage but to modify it and even delete the content, you will get the right to download this mobile game on the phone.

3. Microphone

The mobile phone where the BattleGrounds Mobile India game will be downloaded will also have access to the microphone of that phone near the game. This game will listen to the sound being spoken in the microphone and record the audio being transferred to that microphone.

Even these things will not remain untouched

  1. Wi-Fi connection information
  2. View Wi-Fi connections
  3. Receive data from the Internet
  4. Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  5. Full network access
  6. Google Play license check
  7. Access Bluetooth settings
  8. Pair with Bluetooth devices
  9. Prevent the device from sleeping
  10. Change network connectivity
  11. Change your audio settings
  12. Control vibration
  13. View network connections
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