Best Smart TVs Under Rs 15000 to Buy in India

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TV is something that is in everyone’s house, but not everyone has a smart TV. Smart TV brings lots of cool new features like support for OTT apps, Chrome Cast and YouTube.

That’s why we have compiled a list of best Smart TVs that cost you Rs. 15000, so let’s start.

5. Reality Smart TV

The first TV on our list comes from realme and realme TV is relatively new in the market, this is their first TV, and this TV is perfect, they did a great job with this TV.

The TV I am going to talk about is the 32” variant, with the price starting from Rs. 13,999. It comes with a 720p panel which is fine for this price point. We can’t expect much from a TV at this price point. This TV is powered by MediaTek chip and comes with 1GB RAM along with 8GB internal memory.

The TV is powered by Android TV based on Android 9, and supports all streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Zee5. We also get features like Chroma Boost, which improves the viewing experience.

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Talking about the speakers of this TV, we get 24W speakers, which give excellent sound and the sound of this TV is the best in this price segment. We get WiFi and Bluetooth support, but the WiFi on this TV is Single Band WiFi, so you can’t connect Dual Band WiFi with this TV. In terms of ports, we get 3 HDMI ports, a LAN port, SPDIF out along with 2 USB ports. We also get a voice remote with this TV.

realme smart tv

Here is the buy link of this TV –
Reality Smart TV – Reality (India)

4. OnePlus TV Y Series

The second TV on our list comes from a well-known brand called OnePlus; The TV I am going to talk about is the Y Series 32″ TV. The price of this TV is Rs.

14999 and OnePlus has done a great job with this TV. We get a 720p panel with this TV, when it comes to the performance of this TV we get a 64bit processor which should be good, we also get 93% Color Gamut which makes the colors look better,

This TV runs on Android 9. We also find Oxygen Play which offers some great features like OnePlus Connect, by which you can control your TV without remote using just your phone. This TV flaunts a bezel-less design which looks good and in terms of speakers, we get two 20W speakers which should be good, but they are not as loud as the Realme TV.

Talking about the port, we get 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports along with an Ethernet port, we also get Bluetooth 5.0, but in this TV you will not be able to connect dual-band WiFi as this TV does not support dual-band does. Wi-Fi. Talking about the remote, we get a small sound from this TV.

oneplus tv y series

Here is the link to buy this TV – OnePlus TV Y Series

3. My TV Horizon Edition

The third TV on our list comes from Mi, and it is the Mi Tv Horizon Edition. This TV was launched a few weeks back and the price of this TV is Rs. 13,999 and comes with a 32” 720p panel; The display is a bezel-less display,

We get Android 9 with Patch Wall OS with this TV; Patch Wall brings some great features like content suggestions, Mi Quick Wake feature, which can turn on the TV in under 5 seconds, and Kids Mode, which will be nice if you have kids in your house.

We get 20W speakers, which should be good; Now, coming to the ports, we get 3 HDMI ports along with 2 USB ports and an Ethernet port. We get Bluetooth 5.0; You also cannot connect dual band WiFi with this TV.

my tv horizon edition

Here is the link to buy this TV – Mi TV Horizon Edition .

2. Motorola Smart TV

The fourth TV on our list comes from Motorola, they announced these TVs last year and surprisingly these TVs can be a great option, the TV I am going to talk about is 32″ with 720p display Comes, which costs Rs 13,999.

First of all talking about the performance here, we get 64bit quad-core chip with Mali GPU, 1GHz RAM with 8GB storage, this TV runs on Android 9, and we get support for all apps like Netflix, Amazon prime. get support for. We get 20W speakers, which should work well. Still, the most exciting thing about this TV is that we get a wireless game controller with this TV. It takes the whole experience of this TV to another level as you can navigate the UI with the controller. Most importantly, you can play all the games supported. This TV also comes with voice remote.

motorola smart tv

Here is the link to buy this TV – Motorola Smart TV HD and Full HD

1. Samsung Smart TV

For the fifth and last TV on this list, we have a TV from Samsung; This TV can be an excellent choice for someone looking for a non-Chinese alternative in the smart TV market. The TV I am talking about is Samsung 32″ Wondertainment Series HD Ready TV (2020 model).

The price of this TV is Rs. 14,990, and it comes with a 32″ 720p panel; this TV runs on its Tizen OS instead of Android, which may be an issue for many as the app support won’t be as good. Still, most streaming like Netflix Apps, Amazon Prime, etc. will be available as this TV runs on Samsung’s Tizen OS. It brings some great features like personal computer where you can connect keyboard and mouse,

Which will make it like a computer. You can do your basic tasks, or you can mirror your laptop’s screen. The TV comes with 20W speakers, which should be good; Talking about the ports, we get 2 HDMI ports along with 1 USB port for some problems in the ports of this TV.

Samsung Smart TV - Best Smart TV Under 15000 Rupees

Here is the purchase link for this TV – Samsung Smart TV (HD Ready)

So this was our list of smart TVs that you can buy under a price tag of Rs. 15,000. I hope you found this article helpful.

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