Common smartphone problems and how to fix them

Most Common SmartPhone Issues Solutions

Advanced  mobile technology makes  our life easy and effective. But sometimes, we face common issues and problems with smartphones which make the situation tense. Thankfully, most common smartphone problems have relatively easy and simple fixes that you can do yourself without going to a repair specialist. However, this will not always be the case and you may need to visit a mobile repair shop if the usual cell phone solutions do not do the magic for you.

In this article, I have listed down some common smartphone problems and how to fix them without even leaving your home.

poor battery life

Poor battery life is one of the common smartphone problems that everyone faces. There are many things that can affect the life of your cell phone battery and you can  increase the battery life  by keeping them in mind . Turn on auto screen brightness feature to save huge amount of power and keep your phone running for hours. If you are not using GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth then you should also turn off.

Enabling battery saving mode is another best way to manage bad battery life as it helps you to save battery by automatically turning off all useless options. You can also check the Battery usage option in Settings to find out which apps are consuming more power so that you can close them to keep your phone charged for longer.

full storage space

Almost all smartphone users are eager to keep their favorite images, audios, videos and important documents safe on their devices even though they no longer need them. It can end up with full or low storage space to hold important documents, files or photos. Unnecessary  apps , pictures, videos and other files occupy a lot of phone storage which can be used for useful and important files.

When you are suffering from low storage space problem, you should go through your file manager to check if there are files and documents that you should delete immediately to free up some storage. Delete all useless files on your phone and uninstall apps that you are no longer using.

Clearing cache data can also help you free up some internal storage to keep important files safe. If there is anything important and useful in your phone, then you should invest in a reliable cloud storage  option so that all your data is transferred there from your mobile, to solve the whole problem of storage space.

charging port not working

Nothing in this world is permanent and long lasting and your smartphone is no exception. The charging port of your mobile phone gets worn out over time. Rough usage and dirt particles are the main reason for the bad charging port. If you are unable to recharge your phone for this reason, there are a few basic things you should try before going to a specialist to get the problem resolved.

Clean the charging port of your device with a dry toothbrush to get rid of dirt and other contaminants. Using a dry cotton swab is another best way to clean the charging area of ​​your phone to remove dust and other particles that do not allow the charging port to charge your phone properly. If that doesn’t work, you should go to a specialist to get things working properly.

Frozen and slow user interface

When your phone doesn’t have much free storage, it is unable to function properly and starts to slow down. In this case, you should delete all unnecessary data, files and apps from your phone to get some free space and enable your phone to work properly. Using live wallpaper also slows down your smartphone, so avoid it. Clearing cache files is also useful to make your phone faster. You can also install a cleaning app like Cache Cleaner or Clean Master to get rid of all the useless files in a single tap.

connectivity problem

Most people face connectivity issues with their smartphones and are unable to connect to  WiFi , Bluetooth, or mobile data . If you are also facing the same problem, just toggle Airplane Mode on for 30 seconds and turn it off. Try connecting again and hopefully you get the issue resolved. If you are still facing the issue then you should try resetting the settings and reconnecting your device.


Overheating is one of the common smartphone problems as most devices can get really hot when you are using them. To avoid the problem of smartphone overheating, try not to use your device while charging. Also, don’t use high CPU-sucking applications for a long time to keep your device temperature normal. To avoid overheating your phone, give it regular breaks. If you are using your phone normally but it is still hot then you should visit an expert to get the problem fixed.

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