What is the difference between computer and laptop?

What is the Difference Between Computer and Laptop

Nowadays technology is fast reaching home. And in such a situation, the trend of online education is motivating everyone to buy technical equipment like phones, computers, laptops etc. You, too, are thinking of getting a new laptop or computer and can’t decide whether you should get a desktop computer or not. Laptop .

Whenever people think of getting a new computer, the first question that comes to their mind is this. Although both desktop computers and laptops are computers, there is a lot of difference between the two. While buying a computer people think that if one place is to work then desktop is perfect as it cannot be carried everywhere.

But if your work is over, then taking a laptop will prove to be the right option for you. In such a situation, the way of buying a computer has become obsolete. If you buy a new computer or laptop today, then you have to take many things apart from this.

Which you will know about in this post. In this post you will be told the difference between computer and laptop, so read it thoroughly.

Before explaining the difference between computer and laptop, let us know that a desktop is a computer and a laptop?

What is Desktop Computer?

Desktop computers are also known as personal computers. This computer is specially designed to work in one place. This type of computer is mainly used by placing it on a table.

Such computers have various components such as monitors; Keyboard, mouse, CPU are set separately . A desktop computer is also known as a traditional computer. Such computers do not have batteries.

What is laptop?

Laptop is an improved version of computer. Where the monitor, CPU, mouse are all different in the computer. His laptop is such a device in which all these three components are present together. A laptop is a small size computer, which can be easily carried anywhere in your bag.

The laptop works completely like a computer, but it is only smaller in size. A laptop is just like a notebook. The computer is suitable for those who work while traveling.

What are computers and laptops? You must have known about this. Although both are computers, how is it different from each other? So let’s see what is the difference between these two, which makes them different from others.

Which is the world’s first laptop?

The world’s first laptop was the Toshiba T1100.

Which company made the first laptop?

Toshiba company has made a laptop for the first time.

Who invented the laptop?

Adam Osborne invented the laptop.

 difference between computer and laptop

Computer and laptop both work in the same way. But there are many factors on the basis of which there is a difference between a computer and a laptop. difference between computer and laptop

Price – Price is the factor that affects both computer and laptop. You will have to spend Rs 25,000 – 30,000 to get a good laptop; You get a good computer for Rs 20,000 – 25,000. Therefore, depending on the price, an efficient computer is preferable.

PortabilityTalking about portability, the size of a computer is so big that its space cannot be changed again and again. Plus, the CPU and mouse are attached to the computer, which makes it difficult to carry it anywhere. The same laptop is the size of a notebook. So it can be taken anywhere quickly. Hence laptop is the best option considering portability.

Screen Size – Screen size is important in a computer or laptop. The computer monitor i.e. screen can be changed as per your convenience. But the laptop comes with a fixed screen size. which cannot be changed in any way. So if you want a bigger screen, you can choose a desktop computer.

Workwork ability, the ability of any of his works an essential feature of a computer or laptop. Computers have better processors than laptops, RAM, GPU etc. This is the reason why most of the high definition work is done on desktop computers like – video editing, gaming, animation designing, programming etc.

Upgradation – Both the computer or laptop need to be upgraded after long usage, i.e. to increase their storage capacity, RAM, processor etc.

Talking about upgrades, it is easier to upgrade to a desktop than a laptop. In addition, the computer boosts well at a low cost. Upgrading the same laptop is a bit difficult, as well as its cost is also high.

Repairing – Repairing is one such factor that explains the vast difference between a computer and a laptop. If a computer breaks down, its defective parts can be repaired or replaced and then put back into use. Also it does not cost much.

Due to having all the things in one laptop, even the slightest defect in it has to cost a lot in repairing it. Sometimes repairing a bad laptop costs so much that a new computer can be bought in it.

In such a situation, if you work at home, then you should take a computer with your eyes closed. But you have to do your job while traveling; Then a laptop would be best for you.

Comparison Parameters desktop laptop
To start the powering process Works on power through wall socket works on battery
portability not so portable portable
Mobility posted mobile
storage capacity high storage low storage
Components (keyboard, CPU, mouse, etc.) external components built-in components

What did you learn today?

Friends, I hope that after the information given in this post, you must have understood that there is so much difference between computer and laptop that now you will be able to choose the suitable device for yourself. How did you like this post? Tell it by commenting below.

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