8 Different Types of Website With Example in Detail

Different Types of Website

Do you know how many Different Types of Website is there? We can do all the work from the Internet itself. I meant to say that we depend on some website for all the tasks that are done online.

To know any information, Search on the Internet and in the result, you get information by going to some website. You must have realised from this that how many different types of websites have more importance.

The person who gives you information on the Internet is the owner or owner of that website. A website can also have more than one owner. The website also has different types of websites. Maybe today I thought, why am I going to provide you with complete information about the website.

Then let’s start.

Different Types of website

There are many different types of websites available on the internet. Let us now know about all those types of topics.

1. Search Engine and Portals

Search engines are sites that you might have made to search this article. This site, which uses more than 1 billion people every day. Some of the names are EX – Google, Yahoo, Bing. Sayed, you too must have done something every day to search for them.

Google is also a search engine site is. If anyone needs any information in the world, you will get information on these sites.

Google already has information about other websites; if you search anything in Google, you get a list of Sites with accurate results. Some people keep Google with the Default Search Engine in their browsers. Like chrome browser has Google Search Engine.

Or you can go to Setting. Also, the Default Search website can be set. Some search engines have more than one portal like News, Email. Whose names are Yahoo, MSN?

2. Informational Websites

There are some types of websites whose purpose is to give information to people. They can also make some money or give it accessible for them.

On these sites, you are given information about any companies or industries. These websites contain information on these categories – TV Guides, Reference Material, Sports, Weather and StockData.

3. Personal Websites and Blogs

Creating a website in the 21st century is not Rocket Science. But for some people, it is enormous because that who knowledge of computer and Internet is not enough. Creating a personal blog abroad has become like fashion.

Personal websites and blogs are growing very fast in today’s Internet era. What kind of information will remain in these blogs? It all depends on the bloggers. Like the website/blog you are on, this category belongs to you and our site www.androcrunch.com.

This blog has information about the Internet, technology, computer, SEO, Blogging, Motivation. If you want to make your website, you can make your website from Blogger.com, wix.com.

Free with Template, Free Hosting is also available; if you search on the Internet, you will get this information. If you still want to know how to create a blog or website, then read these articles.

4. Blogs and Online Diaries

You, too, will probably write Diaries. If your answer is “yes”, then you do not need to be any more troubled. If your Dairy is made online, you can call it a Blog where you can write the information of your choice.

In any one of these sites, Blogger.com and Windows Live Space (Microsoft), you need to sign up. In these two sites, you will find different types of tools to design your blog.

You can run and install Blogging-Software and WordPress in Mezhuda Sites already. With their help, you can manage your blog easily. You can do your thinking online within a few minutes. One important thing you can earn money too.

Because you will not know, it is straightforward to create, manage Blogs. If you learn, then another unique thing is that you earn a good amount of money from Blogs nowadays.

There is so much that you cannot even think. Due to the greatness of these bloggers, so much information about the world is available online today.

5. Company Websites

Nowadays, every company has a website, in which there are some pages of information. Such as Company Name, Services, Contact us page, About Us Page, Home page.

Internet is now the open market for everyone where people search about everything. That is why a small company creates its site.

6. Forums

Everyone knows something about the Forum Site. This is an online forum where people ask questions and discuss a topic along with it. This is a way where people talk to each other and give solutions to their problems. These sites are also called Question and Answer Site.

If you search on the Internet, you will find many Forum sites. Where you have to register Where you have any question in your mind, you can ask that too. If you have any information on anyone topic, then you can help people by answering those questions.

You can discuss many different topics on the forum site. Quora is a vast Online Forum Site where millions of people join together to answer people’s questions.

You are also advised to go to any Forum Site and share your knowledge with people. If you want, you can create a Forum Site yourself.

7. Online Shops and Auctions Websites

The web is mainly used for communication and information searching. But you know, there are many companies where people sell their goods online. If you want to, if you make a unique product, you can also sell them online.

The names of those online sites are Amazon.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon. in and Snapdeal.com. They fall in the shopping site category. In today’s time, the world is shopping for goods online at such a fast pace; you cannot imagine how many goods will be sold online in a day.

8. Social Networking

The names of Websites that fall in this category are known as the child. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn is a social site.

First of all, Internet users in the world go to Search Engine, followed by Social Site. Every day a person spends more than 2 hours on the Social Site.

100 Crore people are active on these social sites throughout the day. The popularity of these sites is increasing day by day—the world’s most popular social site, Facebook.

What did you learn today?

I hope you have liked this article on my different type of website. It has always been my endeavour to provide complete information to the readers about different kinds of websites. There is no need to search them in the context of that article on any other sites or the internet.

If you have any doubts about this article or want some improvement, you can write low comments.

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