How to Fix High Ping in PUBG Mobile – 6 Best Ways

how to fix high ping in pubg mobile

High ping is the biggest enemy of every gamer. If you play games regularly, then you might have faced a high ping problem at least once while playing.

I used to experience it a lot, then I tried all possible ways to fix it, and now my ping remains low.

When I was trying many ways to fix this problem, not all the ways worked and wasted my time a lot, so this is why in this article, I will explain all the ways I tried, and it worked.

How to FIx HIGH Ping in PUBG Mobile

Before that, let me tell you that I am playing on a Realme device with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB Storage and running on the Jio network.

Your phone specifications might be different, but the method to fix this problem is the same on every device.

Why are you facing High Ping?

You may be experiencing high ping for various reasons, maybe because of bad internet connection, bad weather, low phone specifications or playing on wrong settings.

Whatever the reason, you will have to find it first, or otherwise, you will have to try all the methods mentioned in this article which may take you a lot of time.

If you know what causing you high ping, it will be easy for you to fix it.

Why are you facing high ping in PUBG mobile?

Try different things like playing on other network connections, different network settings, different-game settings, and finding why you face a high ping problem.

If you find out the cause of the problem, then it is good, and if you don’t, you don’t have to worry much, just read this article and find out yourself by trying different things.

1. Network Issue

It is the most common problem for most gamers. The network connection for Vodafone was worst in my area, and when I used to play on it, I used to get 200-500ms, and sometimes more than I tried Jio connection, and now it used to work fine by the day.

But by the evening I geta a big problem again,n, so I switch to Airtel network which works fine.

Network Issue

Many of my friends can’t figure out which network service provider is best for them, so they use to play on Wi-Fi which works great.

So if you also don’t know which network connection you should use, you should play on Wi-Fi as it will give you 40-60ms.

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2. Stop All Background Applications

Your background applications consume a lot of data without your knowledge. Removing them from the recent screen is not enough; they still run in the background.

Stop All Background Applications

You will have to force stop them. Otherwise, they will consume too much data, and you won’t be able to play properly.

3. Stop Background Syncing

Apps like Google photos, drive, app market, and many other apps run in the background and sync your data in the online industry.

Play store also update apps in the background. You will have to find all such apps that keep syncing in the background or update the app without your knowledge.

Stop Background Syncing

Find them and change their settings   that when you chose to sync only then, they sync data; otherwise, your data will be saved, and you won’t get high ping in the game.

4. Change Server

Before starting a match, check the server you are playing on. The server plays a vital role in ping.

Because of heavy load on the server, sometimes ping gets high, you can either change the server, or you can use VPN to play on the same server
Change Server

I have tried playing on Turbo VPN, and I was amazed at the results because I was getting much better pings than I was getting before.

I connected to my country VPN, and it did wonder. I didn’t expect such a result because when I used to connect to a different country, the game experienced a considerable lag. But when I joined my own country, I didn’t felt that lag; even my ping was good.

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5. Use Game Booster

Many new smartphone available in the market that comes with game boosters preinstalled on them. And even if your smartphone doesn’t have one, you can install it from the play store or the app market.

With the help of a game booster, you can stop many backgrounds running apps, block calls and messages, and even clean the ram of your phone.

Use Game Booster

In addition to that, they also boost up internet connection, and in some phone, they connect to the VPN automatically to provide the best network.

So if you don’t have any game booster installed on your phone, install them and try it on your device.

6. Use GFX Tool

For some players, GFX tools work like wonder. It’s available on the play store, and it is not a cheating app.

GFX tool have so many features that you don’t even know of. They can help you to change the resolution, disable shadow, and improve texture quality. 

If none of the above methods works, then this will work definitely. Many famous players also use it to improve their game quality.

GFX deals with high ping problems as it helps your internet connection or your Wi-Fi run the game properly.


So these are some of the methods which will help you to fix your high ping problem. I have played on low-end s devices, devices, so I know the problem of playing on high ping, and now, playing on a high-end device, I realise that high ping is not because of the phone but also for many other reasons.

How to FIx HIGH Ping in PUBG MObile

Find out what causes this problem in your device, and then use the methods mentioned above to fix that problem.

I hope you have a lag-free game. And if you have any questions then ask them we will be happy to reply to them.

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