What is Blogging? How to Make Money From Blogging [2020]

how to start a blog and earn money

What is Blogging? How to Make Money From Blogging [2020]– Hello Guys My name is Keshav and You are on Androcrunch. Today Post going to be very very exciting because in this post I will share my all Experience about my 3 Years of Blogging Journey.

This post helps you to understand what is a blog? What is Blogging and How to make money from Blogging, so if you want to earn money from the internet than This is the finest way to make huge money.

So without wasting any time lets get to start our Valuable Post about Blogging and Making money with blogging.

What is Blog?

Ok before understanding what is blogging and how to start blogging first we have to know about what is a blog or what is called a blog?

when we search for any type of question, Problem or information on google and we get multiple results of data. after when we click we read the answer or information about our problem or question this call blog.

At menas when we browse online with the help of the internet that called a blog. at this time you are reading information on my blog and this is my blog where we write information about technology and making money.

how to start a blog and earn money
How to Make Money From Blogging

What is Blogging?

If You have a blog than the hole Process of doing on this blog work is called blogging.

blog required many works like Write article, SEO, Setup, Publish, idea, etc and this hole process called Blogging.

The man who runs a blog, who writes articles, Create Idea, doing SEO, customize, etc, so we are called him bloggers.

For example, I wrote this article and I manage this Blog so I am called a Blogger. basically Blogger manages a blog and creates content for his audience.

How to start Blogging?

If You have an interest in writing content and help other people and share your own Valuable information, experience, tips in any category like tech, gaming, health, poem, trick…etc then definitely go for it.

Before Start Your Blogging Journey You have to required this thing.


  • Domain
  • Hosting

What is Domain?

If you search any query on the Internet then you find multiple blog name or website name, the domain is a very important part of blogging.

without domain you cannot create a blog or start blogging so first you have to purchase a brand new domain name.

domain name like .com, .in. net, .govt….etc this called domain. Example- This is our site androcrunch but this is a unique name and we purchased .com domain and connect it both.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a server of your all data which you will keep in your blog. If we build a new blog where published many posts, images, or data so hosting primarily is our online space where our all data stored.

So we buy a hosting plan to create a blog. Domain and hosting are two pillars of a blog because without it we cannot create a blog on WordPress.

You Can Buy Domain and Hosting from an online Website. There is many Company selling domain and hosting.

Install WordPress

After Purchasing Domain and hosting You have to connect both and install a Software on Your Browser is called WordPress.

WordPress is a place where we manage our blog like Writing Post, Create Media, Edit page, design all things we manage by WordPress.


With wordpress we can make good looking blog and website with help of varoius Plugin.

Design Your Blog

After Successfuly Installing WordPress we design our blog for good looking.

The design of the blog has to be like what the post will look like, the logo will be said to make the page, social media buttons have to make things.

Which makes Your blog look good and people will like it.

Published Your First Article

After the all basic and Require setup finally, you will start a real blogging tats mean its time to write a blogpost on Your Blog.

After Setup WordPress blog and design your blog you should publish Quality content for your Audience. You should always remember er something that You cannot provide wrong and misleading content on your blog otherwise google and your audience will penalize your Blog soon.

Credit- Hey Jessica

How to Make Money From Blogging

hey, finally I am going to tell you how to make money from blogging or how to earn money from creating a blog.

This is a very interesting thing for all bloggers because you working a blog for money and passion so Money is a very important thing for all people.

There are many ways to How to Make Money From Blogging. If you have an audience than you will earn uncounted money from on your blog.


Adsense will help you in the beginning when you will come to blogging because Adsense is a platform at the beginning whose ads you can earn money by putting on your website blog.

Adsense is a product of Google which has to take Approval on your blog, when you write 15 to 20 posts on your site in a good way and some organic visitors will start coming, then you will easily get the approval of AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing

When a lot of traffic will start coming to your site or when you create a site with the specific low, then you can earn a lot of money from Affiliate Marketing.

But in the beginning, if you want to start blogging, then you should go towards AdSense from Google, and as soon as you will spend some time in the blogging and understand all things, then you Affiliate Marketing Can go towards

final word

Friends, I have removed a lot of your problems through this post like whats is blogging? How to start Blogging? How to Make Money From Blogging and many more thing.

Hopefully, you will have got a lot of information related to blogging by reading this post and in the future, I will put many more posts related to blogging, then subscribe to Blog.

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