How to make Money from YouTube?

How to make Money from YouTube?
How to make Money from YouTube?

There are two ways by which you can make money from YouTube either you can and work actively and make money or you can work passively and then earn as well.

By actively working I mean you have your own YouTube channel and make videos for it and then start earning from your YouTube channel.

Or if you don’t want to have your own YouTube channel then you can work on others YouTube channel passively like you handle their YouTube channel comment section or you can edit and upload videos for them

This way you can earn money from YouTube and you don’t have to make your own YouTube channel as well.

How To Make Money From YouTube

How to make Money from YouTube?

Many YouTubers don’t have time to make thumbnails or edit their videos or write descriptions about them so they hire freelancers for their YouTube channel.
So if you don’t want to have your own YouTube channel then you can get hired for them and start working for them.

Start a YouTube Channel

you have your own YouTube channel then there will be multiple ways through which you can make money on your YouTube channel.

You can earn through ads sponsors or by doing affiliate marketing on your channel we will discuss a each one of them in details later.

Make your channel good enough that it meets the YouTube Partner Program requirements:
If you don’t know what is YouTube partner program is then it is a monetization program started by Google for content creators on YouTube.

There are certain requirements for it like having thousand subscribers and 4000 active hour watch time on your videos.

And if you fulfill these criteria then you will be able to join YouTube partner program and then start earning.

Set Up an Adsense account

Adsense is the best way through you can earn.

Basically through AdSense you can show ads on your YouTube videos and when someone watches your YouTube videos you will get money from advertisers.

advertisers directly as advertisers pay Google for advertising there ads and when you show their ads through to your YouTube videos then Google is going to pay you for showing those ads to your audience.

You may have seen that there are some ads at the starting of a video on the middle and at the end of the videos they are all at sales at day and when you click on them or see their ads there YouTube channel creator get paid from Google.

Explore your new monetization features

AdSense and partnership program is not the only monetization feature you can use on your YouTube channel.

You can also explore many new monetization features like affiliate marketing which nowadays most of the youtuber does.

Basically affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you refer your products to other through a link and when someone purchase that product from your link you will get certain percent of commission for that product.

You might have seen many youtuber say that they have link in the description through which we can buy products so if you buy products from their link a they will get a commission for it this is why they give their affiliate link in the description.

So if you have a good audience base then you can refer some products to your audience and when they make purchase you will earn from it.

Follow YouTube guidelines: on your time on YouTube you are going to see a lot of copyright claim on your videos.

you will have to be at peace with it otherwise you won’t be able to progress make sure you follow not only the YouTube partnership program for this is but also the community guideline of YouTube to make sure your YouTube channel is safe.

Create Sponsored content

when you become a notable influencer on YouTube you are no longer going to need in Instagram to influence others brands product.

Brands are going to approach you to promote their product on your YouTube channel.
the best thing about sponsored content se are that you don’t have to pay anything to YouTube at all the whole earning from sponsored post will go directly into your account.

all you need to do is create a better audience who engage your lot with your content like they like your video and they also comment on your videos and then a when you partner with a brand they will ask you for a sponsored post.

Make sure you are transparent with your content and don’t products promote anything that you won’t use yourself.

If you promote the wrong products and your audience doesn’t like it then you are going to get a lot of negativity from that video. So make sure what you promote is a good product and everyone likes it.
How to make Money from YouTube?

Host live videos like a game streaming or any premium or any other live video

When you host live videos your fans can pay you directly through super chat and you are going to get your cut after YouTube takes his part of money from it.

Yes you are not going to get the whole amount you are getting through super chat YouTube is going to take some of it and pay you the rest.

The benefit of using super chat is your fans message will be highlighted with different colors and will be painted depending on the amount they have paid to you if they played a huge amount it will be there for longer and if they pay you small amount then it is going to last about 1 to 2 minutes or less.

One other way through which you can ask your audience to pay you directly is by joining as a member of your YouTube channel.


So these are the list of ways which you can use to make money through YouTube make sure you have a good audience base for your YouTube channel or a platform where you can promote your content like on Facebook or WhatsApp or on telegram.

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