How to read deleted WhatsApp messages

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

We delete WhatsApp messages for a variety of reasons – they can be because of a typo or because you sent a message to the wrong person. And unless they were read by the sender just before they were deleted, or you managed to glance at the notification before opening the app to see it deleted, there’s really no way to recover them. is. There is no official WhatsApp feature that can help you retrieve deleted texts, but there is a hack. Please note, this hack only works on Android, it will not work for iOS users.

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages

Although this makes things easier, there are some drawbacks to these apps. For example, with Noticesave, you need to deal with ads if you are using the free version. The paid version comes for ₹65/month, so you need to decide if these delete messages is enough for you to spend that money every month. Furthermore, apps like Notisave can only recover simple text messages, any media file including GIFs, images and videos cannot be recovered.

In WhatsApp, users have been given seven minutes to use the “delete for everyone” feature on a chat. If you don’t delete a message within seven minutes you can only delete it for yourself. This applies to both group chats and one-to-one chats.

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