iPhone 11 in 2021 – Best iPhone to Buy!

The BEST iPhone to BUY!

A few weeks ago, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 12 series, they discontinued their previous generation iPhones but the iPhone 11 is still there and you can buy it. So should you buy it?

So in this particular article, we will tell you whether you should buy this phone in 2020 and even compare it with other iPhones like the XR.

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If you want to watch the video of it, we already have it, which you can watch from here-

iPhone 11 Review – Which is the Best Buy in 2021?

1) Manufacture and Design

First, let’s start with Build and Display; This phone has a very excellent design and build.

In the back, k and front you get a glass back with this phone, you get a 6.1” display, but the big notch in the phone makes it weird as compared to other Android phones.

2) performance

Talking about the display here, we get LCD display, y and 720p. This makes it a bit odd as even the budget phone has a full HD display.

But if you do not mind the resolution of this phone, then you are going to love this phone as the video watching experience is excellent. Since it’s not an AMOLED or OLED display, the blacks won’t look as great, but other than that you’re going to enjoy the display of this phone.

3) Performance

Now talking about performance, this part of the phone is absolutely right. We get the Apple A13 Bionic chip, and let me tell you that chip makes this phone a performance beast.

You can easily run all the games in high settings without any problem and will be able to get full 60fps without any problem.

Comparing it with other chips in the market, you can easily say that it outperforms Snapdragon 855+ and is very close to 865.

4) Camera

Now come the cameras of this phone. We get a total of three cameras in this phone, two on the back and one on the front. Talking about the rear cameras, we get two 12mp cameras, one of which is the main and the other is the wide camera.

Dynamic range is excellent, and it clicks some great still pictures. The portrait mode of this phone is also perfect and clicks some amazing portrait pictures. As for the video recording capabilities of this phone, we find support for 4K recording and full 60fps with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) on.

Overall, this phone has a great video recording capability, and you will not have any problem with this phone. Coming to the front camera, we have a 12mp camera, which will help you click some amazing pictures and even some great portrait shots. Something really cool with the phone is the night mode that we get with it.

Night mode is activated only when it detects whether the background has become dark or not.

5) Battery

Coming to the last point here, which is about the battery. In using this phone, we easily get standby time of about one and a half days without any problem. According to Apple, this phone lasts longer than the XR, and in our testing,

We’ve found it to hold true, and it lasts longer than the XR. The battery of this phone is not huge in capacity but Apple has optimized it very well to get such excellent results.

Which iPhone to buy in 2020?

Now, iPhone XR, SE and which iPhone to buy from this phone. In simple words, I can say that iPhone 11 will be a much better option than the other two phones for a few reasons. Firstly the other two iPhones don’t have a wide-angle camera, and they miss out on features like Night Mode.

The battery life of this phone is comparatively better than that of the other two phones as we found in testing and the third reason is the price of this phone, which is very reasonable given the price and the specs it offers.

iPhone XR is also a good phone but if you can spend a little more then it will be a better option, and same is the case with SE as the display of that phone is very small and the battery is also not good, that phone one A good choice only if your budget is minimal and you want a phone with a smaller form-factor.

The 12 series of iPhones would be even better, but only if you can spend more money on them, as they start at Rs. 70,000 here in India.

The price of this phone is usually Rs. 54,900 and can also be bought for less than 50k at times during the sale.You can buy this phone right now from Apple’s official website.


We hope you liked this article and you can make your decision about buying this phone quickly.

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