Play Battlegrounds Mobile India Carefully, Avoid These Mistakes

Play Battlegrounds Mobile India Carefully

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), aka PUBG Mobile, is now available for everyone in Early Access India. To recall, the Early Access version was announced on Thursday. But only a limited number of players could sign up as a tester. Now, Crafton has opened up Battlegrounds Mobile India to everyone in Early Access, which means anyone can download the game and start playing today.

While the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date was rumoured to be June 18, it looks like fans can settle for the beta version starting today. The release of this game is expected at the end of this month. However, before you download and play this game, we are going to tell you in this article the reasons why you can get banned from Battlegrounds Mobile India forever.

Play Battlegrounds Mobile India Carefully

The company has given information on its website that keeping in mind the things players have to play the game. But, at the same time, if the players break some laws, they can also be banned from BGMI. Let’s know the five reasons why you can get banned from Battlegrounds Mobile India.

1) Do not use unauthorized programs or hardware devices

If you use unauthorized programs or hardware devices that Crafton does not permit. Such as a particular mouse or another hardware device, you may be banned forever. If you develop, advertise, trade or distribute unauthorized programs or hardware, Crafton may take legal action against you and impose penalties within the game.

2) Do not modify game client, server or game data

Unauthorized changes to the Game Client (“INI” file modification, etc.), server, or data (such as packets) are acts that interfere with the Game Services and violate copyright laws. It would help if you did not get involved in these works. If someone does this, then the company can ban him.

Play Battlegrounds Mobile India Carefully

3) Do not discriminate against others (such as racial or sexual discrimination)

It is unacceptable to use offensive words based on race, gender, nationality, etc., during the game. If you are found doing this or if you complain, then you can be penalized.

4) Don’t use inappropriate nicknames

Inappropriate nicknames or those that may be offensive or provoke negative imagery. For example, don’t use a nickname that is sexually explicit or obscene during the game. In addition, if you use an inappropriate surname, the surname will be changed immediately by the company, and penalties may also be imposed.

5) Don’t kill the team

Team kills will not be allowed during the game as it interferes with normal team gameplay. And you can be banned if the team kill is determined to be intentional and re-occurring.

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