Is your Wi-Fi Router Getting Extremely Slow during Work From Home?

boost wifi speed

Boost WiFi Router Speed: With the sudden rise in COVID-19 cases across the country, states like Delhi, NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra have imposed temporary lockdown and curfew to tackle the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Many state governments have urged big companies to transfer their work once again to work from home and at the same time ensure the safety of their employees.

5 Tips to Boost WiFi Router Speed

Now if you are working from your home, that is, you are now adopting the system of work from home, then during this time, you need a good internet connection as the most important thing, which will help you in any way in your work. Do not create an obstacle. Although this does not happen many times, your router may not be able to give you the kind of speed you get in the office. To deal with this problem, we have brought some easy tips for you, by adopting which you can quickly increase the speed of your Wi-Fi in a big way. Let us know how you can boost the speed of your internet, i.e. Wi-Fi. You do not have to do much; follow these simple tips and notice a significant change in your rate.

Switch Off and On your Router

If we talk about this method, then we are telling you about the easiest way. If you want to see the speed of your router increase, then you should turn it off once and then turn it on again. You can quickly turn off your router and do the same thing with the modem. Let us tell you that you get an internet signal on a home network and in ISP through the modem. Now, if your Wi-Fi speed is slow, then you should do this work. You can adapt this method anytime, and you will see the change in rate very quickly.

Replace Router

This is also a way through which you can increase your Wi-Fi speed in a big way. Sometimes we don’t know, or we don’t know. Wi-Fi single can be affected by walls, floor ceilings and furniture, etc., although it can also happen when exposed to large objects. In this case, you should change the location of your router and make sure that anything is not obstructing its speed in any way.

Change your Router

If all these things are also not making the bar, then we would like to tell you that your device, i.e. the router and modem, should be changed; many times, it also becomes outdated. If this is the case and there is any problem with your device, you will find that your Wi-Fi speed is dropping in a big way. You should immediately get a new device to replace your old device in such a situation or situation.

Update the Router

Sometimes, some firmware has come to update your router, but we do not check it at all. It would help if you also kept this in mind. If the update has arrived, and you find it while doing this check, you would update your device immediately, after which its problem is over, and with the update, the device will be like a new device starts working.

Also, adjust the Antenna of the Router. 

If you have a router in which you are getting antennas, you need to place them in the right direction to experience incredible Wi-Fi speeds. We have seen that in the order in which the router’s antenna is located, it keeps sending more signals in that direction. Now, if you have any such problem with you, then you can fix it too.

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