Top 5 Professional Videography Camera Apps for Android

top 5 professional videography camera apps

Top 5 Professional Video Camera Apps for Android! We all have smartphones, and we all like to shoot some cinematic videos with our smartphones. So in this article,

I will tell you guys some of the best apps that will eventually help you guys to make some awesome and amazing cinematic videos from your smartphone.

Top 5 Professional Videography Camera Apps

The phone used this time is Redmi K20 Pro. You all can try it on any other smartphone of yours. So let’s start the list of apps now.

1) Movie Clips

In number 1, we have an app called Movavi Clips. You cannot record videos in this app, but you can edit videos for which you are already registered.

In this app, you get all the basic and advanced features to make your videos look excellent. You get features like speed control, aspect ratio, transitions and many more.

Movavi Clips

To import video clips, all you need to do is go to the + (Plus) section and then choose to import and edit your files.

To cut a particular part in the video, you just need to press the knife icon, and then you need to select the amount you want to cut, and then that particular part will be cut from the video.

Movavi Clips

This app can be great for creating short videos or clips for your Instagram or WhatsApp stories. You this app here can be downloaded for free from the links are

2) Pro Cam X

The second app on our list is the Pro Cam X. It’s a great camera app because you get all the manual controls for your videos, and you can even set the bitrate accordingly, which is a great feature in my opinion.

Pro Cam X

You can shoot in any resolution you want. There is even an option to record in 4K, which is great. You can also set iso and white balance according to the lighting, which is a great thing.

You also get a focus control option, and this can be helpful depending on your skill level.

Pro Cam X

There’s also an option for effects which will add some excellent products to make your videos look great since you don’t have to do a lot of stuff in post, so this can be a time saver. If you liked the app, so you even can download links are:

3) Moment Pro Camera

At number 3, we have an app called Moment Pro Camera. If you have a smartphone lens then this app can come in handy for you.

This app also provides you with manual controls to control shutter speed, ISO and white balance. If you do not know, this company makes smartphone lenses for iPhones.

Moment Pro Camera

So this app integrates with Lens to make your videos even better. Don’t worry if you have another smartphone lens, as it is compatible with any lens you have attached to your smartphone. You can record some great videos with this app.

After attaching the lens, you can specifically choose the lens you’re working on, such as portrait, ultra-wide, macro, and other lenses. In this app, you get a special UI for the specific lens you are using, which makes this app one of the best.

Moment Pro Camera

If you like this app, you have the app here can be downloaded from the links are

4) Cinema FV-5

In number 4, we have an app called Cinema FV-5. This app is the first app in this list which is completely based on videography.

camera fv5

There is another app in this list which is completely based on photography. The UI of this app is very clean, and you get all kinds of manual and basic controls in this app.

You get features like shutter speed, ISO, white balance, grid lines and many more. In this app, you get some essential tools to record videos without any extravagance, which can be great and help any beginner.

camera fv5

You also get the option to record in 4k 60fps (only if your device can do it). If you like the app, so you even can download links are

5) Filmi Pro

Last but not least, we have an app called Filmic Pro, and this app is great because this app gives you some of the best features that none of the apps on this list have.

You can use an external mic like the Boya M1 with this app, as you get a different option. The UI is easy to understand for any user.

Film Pro

You can make all kinds of adjustments to your videos, which is great. You also get a puller on the right side to control zoom and ultrawide.

In this app, there are also effects like zebra tone and other products to make your videos look more cinematic.

This app can also record up to 4k 60fps (your device must be enabled).

This app can be purchased from Play Store. The features this app offers justify the price. The app you even can download include:


So here was our list of some of the best apps that will help you record cinematic videos from your smartphone. I hope you liked our list of apps.

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