3 Useful Tech Tips You Should Definitely Know in 2021

4 useful tech tips

Want to know some fantastic and exciting helpful tech tips and tricks? Well, in this article, we had covered some mind-blowing tech tips that you must try in 2021.

Everyone loves cruel tricks and like to show them off in front of their friends. There are many tips that a tech-savvy should know, and in case if you don’t know some, we are here to cover you up with the latest helpful tech tips.

3 useful tech tips you should definitely know
Three useful tech tips

This lockdown is the best time to learn new things, and these tips will be helpful throughout your lifetime if you know where you are going to make your life relatable accessible than others.

Helpful Tech Tips You Should Know

These steps will make you feel different from the rest of your friends, so make sure to try them and be a tech genius in your group.

1. Know Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many shortcuts on the keyboard that you should know. They will not only save you time, but you will feel like not using the mouse anymore.

Few simple keyboard shortcuts are control + shift + escape to open task manager directly. Another way to open task manager is by pressing control + alt + delete and then go down to task manager.

One more critical shortcut is to open a new window by pressing control + N, and if you wish to add a new folder, then press control + shift + N, and a new folder will be created.

You can use many shortcuts on Chrome; we all use Chrome on the PC for all our task. To close a tab, press control + W and open a new account. Just press control + T.

You can also bring back any closed tab just by pressing control + shift + T. These are handy keyboard shortcut you should know as it will save you time a lot and you can show off in front of your friends.

2. Knowing about Mods and Cracks

You might have seen many paid applications which provide different features but cost money to purchase. We all think that you need to pay for it, but the thing is that there are lots of mod already available on the Internet regarding the applications.

However, it would help if you never used mods and cracks of software because the files may contain different scripts, which might be harmful to your device system.

We at Androcrunch are highly against using Mods, and Cracks stuffs. We never promote any illegal activity at our site. Instead, you should genuinely buy the software, which will help the developers create much more fantastic software and features.

3. Press Spacebar to Scroll Down Webpages

Do you know that you can scroll down a web page without clicking the down arrow and without scrolling the wheel of your mouse?

Press the space bar once and see it by yourself. But the thing is that it will happen only on web pages, not anywhere else.

Alternatively, you can press the page up and page down button to go up and down on any pages. This works on every page and also works where the space bar can’t help you.

Space bar will help you quickly skip through articles and get to know what you are looking for fast.

Final Words

These are some of the tips that will help you to become somewhat better than you were yesterday. These tips will help you every day of your life, and the best thing is they are not hard at all to learn.

Just read and follow my footstep, and soon you can do all by yourself without any help. If these tips help you, share them with your friends to learn these tips and learn about tech tips.

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