What is Cloud Storage and How To Use it? Types of Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage

After all, what is Cloud Storage? Why look at who talks about cloud storage today. Did Cloud Storage Really The definition of data storage has changed?

If we talk of earlier times, floppy disk used to be used in the name of storage, but due to lack of space, it was not brought into further use and was replaced by CD and DVD.

It ran for a few days, but there was some difficulty in its use, so people found an alternative and then Flash Drive or Pen Drive was fully operational and, after that, external for more storage hard drive etc.

But in this, too, the thirst of people wanting more space was not quenched, and with it, they also needed more portability. That’s why researchers invented Cloud Storage technology. This is a service where your data is remotely maintained, managed, and backup is done.

With the help of this service, users can access their files can store online, so that if needed with the help of the Internet, it can be accessed from any corner of the world. Can access If I talk about the figures, then the people who use cloud storage have more than doubled in the last few years.

According to Statistics, today, almost all companies are constantly competing with each other. And for the storage of their data in this round, they adopted high cloud storage first.

So, let’s start and know what this Cloud Storage is and why people want to use it so much without delay.

What is cloud storage?

It means that all your data will be stored online safely in a server, which you can use wherever and whenever you want.

By the way, if a commoner is asked about it, who does not know anything about it, then he will understand that you are talking about a change or the weather. But let me tell you that it is about such a storage system that the data is kept in the off-site storage system and which one-third parts handle.

You can give your personal information. Instead of a computer or any local storage, you store it in remote storage.

Through the Internet, you can access this database from your computer at home.

If we talk about cloud storage, it has proven to be very profitable compared to traditional data storage. For example, if you keep any data in a cloud storage system, you can easily access it from anywhere in the world.

For this, you do not need to carry any physical storage device like we used to do earlier. If required, you can also give the authorisation to access your data to another person so that you can work without running without being available there.

Types of Cloud Storage

So far, we have come to know about cloud storage very well now. Let us know how many types of cloud storage are present. If seen mainly, there are four types of cloud storage used in Mehjud. They are Personal, Public, Private and Hybrid.

Personal Cloud Storage
also wants to be known as Mobile Cloud Storage; personal cloud storage is a part of public cloud storage in which an individual’s data is stored in the cloud.

And his access is given to the person so that he can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. It also provides the facility of data syncing so that users can access it from any device.

For example, Apple’s in iCloud.

Public Cloud Storage
Public Cloud Storage This storage is not for ordinary people, but enormous enterprises store their data here. Here enterprise and cloud storage provider does not work together in the integrated enterprise data centre.

They do not manage storage enterprises, but the same company provides storage service to these enterprises. For this, enterprises do not need to take much tension.

Private Cloud Storage
This is a form of cloud storage where both the enterprise and the cloud storage provider are combined or integrated into the enterprise’s data centre.

Here in this private cloud storage, the storage provider’s infrastructure in the enterprise’s data centre is typically managed by its storage provider.

Private cloud storage helps against any security threat and resolves any performance issue, along with all the advantages of cloud storage.

Hybrid Cloud Storage
Hybrid Cloud Storage is a combination of some critical data of public and private cloud storage residing in the enterprise’s private cloud. In contrast, other data can be stored and accessed from the public cloud storage provider.

Cloud Storage Requirements (Requirements)

As we know that when data is kept in cloud storage, some such aspects must be looked at so that the critical data of the company is always kept safe, secure, and available so that they are appropriately used when needed. To be.

Some of the fundamental requirements for all these things are considered before placing the data in cloud storage. So let’s get some more information about him.


The durability of the data is given special attention. Hence, the data must be stored redundantly, kept across multiple facilities, and kept in various devices in each facility.

So that natural disasters or natural disasters, human faults, and mechanical faults cannot cause any loss of those data.


All data should always be available at the time of need so that they can be used correctly. But there is a massive difference between production data and archives. Ideal cloud storage always retrieves the correct balance of data and at a reasonable price.


All data must be ideally encrypted, both at rest time and at transit time. Permissions and access controls should work in the cloud as they work in local storage.

Cloud Storage Concerns

I think the only two most significant concerns of Cloud Storage are reliability and security.

Because if a company is giving all its data to a Cloud Storage Provider for safekeeping, they first need some guarantee to trust that their data is safe and no one else can use it without them.

To keep the data more secure, I often use a combination of many techniques, which I have explained further.

• Encryption:   The first way is this encryption, which means that a complex algorithm is used to encode the information. And to decode that information
, an encryption key is required.

But such encryption can also be cracked, which requires a tremendous amount of computing power, and it is
almost impossible to happen. In favour of hacker.

• Authentication:  This is the process of checking, in which you need to create a user name and password.

• Authorization: In this process, the client list is already made, which people have to authorise access in the right way so that they can access the information in cloud storage. Many corporations have multiple levels of authorisation.

For example, front-line employees have limited access to access stored data located in Cloud Storage, while the head of human resources can have access to all data.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

By the way, Cloud Storage has many advantages, which I have written below.

1. Usability: Almost all cloud storage services have desktop folders for Mac’s and PCs. This makes it very easy for users to drag and drop files between cloud storage and local storage.

2. Bandwidth: Here, you do not need to send individual mail to all people, but you are just a web to send the link to your recipients through your email.

3. Accessibility: With the help of the Internet, you can access your Stored files from any corner of the world.

4. Disaster Recovery: Everyone knows that an emergency backup plan should always be prepared for any emergency in all business.

In this context, you can use cloud storage as a backup plan. For your businesses, you need to store all your essential documents in cloud storage. And which you can easily use later anywhere and anytime.

5. Cost Savings: It has been found that businesses and organisations can reduce their annual operating costs to a great extent by using cloud storage because the price of cloud storage is just 3 to 4 cents per gigabyte is there to store your data.

With this, companies do not have to spend their internal power to store data.

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

1. Usability: When using it, be careful because when you are dragging / dropping, your document is going entirely in the cloud storage folder. So if you want to keep a copy of a document in your system, too, then copy and paste those files.

2. Bandwidth: Atypical of all cloud storage services, bandwidth allowance occurs. And if an organisation surpasses them, they may have to pay additional charges for this, which is very valuable. According to my, one should take special care of all these things.

3. Accessibility: If you do not have Internet, you cannot access your data, and you have to wait for the internet, which is a waste of time.

4. Data Security: Because all your data is in someone else’s hand, there will always be a concern about their security. There is also the possibility that they can also misuse your data. Therefore, first of all, do not forget to read their terms and conditions.

5. Software: If you want to change your files locally through your multiple devices, you will have to install that software on all your devices, and then you can do this work by going somewhere.

What is the difference between Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing

Cloud Storage: In
cloud storage, we store the data, and their backups are kept in an external location offsite. Its main benefit is that it keeps the company’s data completely secure and always keeps it ready for use at the time of need.

And this data is present in a virtual server and not in an employee’s device. Cloud storage is a cloud computing model where information is stored in remote servers and accessed through the Internet.

They are maintained, operated and managed by one of the cloud storage service providers. Their storage servers are built based on virtualisation techniques.

Nowadays, it has become the central part of our life, and now we can access our data from any corner of the world.

Cloud Computing:
Cloud computing is running applications that are run over a secure internet connection in the virtual desktop.

With the help of cloud computing, we provide computer processing resources and data to any computer and other devices on demand.

I have written about some of the benefits that companies have benefited from below:

  • Any special in this hardware is not required.
  • Here we can get access to apps and data from anywhere and can run them on any device.
  • Here new upgrades, updates, and patches can be easily accessed across all devices quickly, simple, and effortless as it can perform all the things in a single virtual server instead of all the devices.

What did you learn today?

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what cloud storage is, and I hope you have understood about cloud storage.

I request all of you readers that you too should share this information in your neighbourhood, relatives, and friends to have awareness among us, and everyone will benefit a lot from it. I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.

It has always been my endeavour always to help my readers or readers from all sides; if you people have any doubt of any kind, you can ask me irresponsibly. I will try to solve those Doubts.

How did you like this article, Cloud Storage? Please tell us by writing a comment to have a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something.

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