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What is software? This is probably someone you need to tell; Because anyone who has a smartphone or uses a computer is already aware of this term. A few years ago, when I was human-computer conscious, you would probably be a little kid.

But with the advent of computers, our lives changed completely. We have become so lazy that we are doing more work through computer or mobile. It is not our fault because this computer has made our life accessible.

By the way, if we look at the computer, then it is just an electronic device which can perform many operations simultaneously. For example, many of these computations are also very fast, which hardly any ordinary machine or human mind can ever do.

It is made up of many physical and tangible components that we can touch and feel; These hardware is added, and the hardware to run programs and commands called software are .

Computer is made up of two things hardware and  software . There are many digital devices like mobiles, desktops, tabs, laptops, ovens, all of them have a software program in today’s time. So let’s know what is software  and what are its types .

What is software?

Software is a collection of several programs that perform a specific task (function) of a computer.

Whatever work we do on our computer is done through this software only. Software refers to the set of instructions given in the form of programs to control the entire computer system and process other hardware components.

These are the commands that run the hardware. MS-WORD in which we do some type. Photoshop in which we edit photos. Chrome, also known as Internet Access, Browser.

Examples of software are Google Chrome, Photoshop, MS-Word, VLC Player, UC Browser, etc.

definition of software

Software also called computer software, are some programs that enable the user to perform specific tasks. It directs the computer system or its peripheral devices to do some work and tells how to do that work.

Software plays a huge and important role between the user and the computer hardware. Without software, the user cannot do any work on the computer even if he wants.

Who makes the software?

Software developers mainly create software. The company in which these software developers work is called software product development company. Here the software is designed according to the need of the user.

Why can’t we see or hide the software?

We can neither see the software with our eyes nor touch it with our hands. This is because it has no physical existence. It is a virtual object that can only be understood.

We can never run our computer and mobile without software application.

 Software                        Examples
Antivirus Average, Housecall, McAfee, Norton
audio / concert iTunes, WinampA
database Access MySQL SQL Access
device driver computer driver
E-mail Outlook, Thunderbird
sport madden, nfl football, earthquake, world of warcraft
Internet browser Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer
movie player VLC, Windows Media Player
Operating System Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Photo / Graphics Program Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW
Presentation power point
Programming Language C++, HTML, Java, Perl, Visual Basic (VB)
simulation flight simulator simcity
spreadsheet MS Excel
Utility Compression, Disk Cleanup, Encryption, Registry Cleaner, Screensaver
word processor I am S Word

software definition

A collection of instructions or programs is called software; These programs make the computer useful to the users.

Like the operating system, the Android OS (Operating System) software is first installed in the mobile / computer, only then you use it. Now the question comes what are these programs and instructions . Before this it is necessary to know the programming language.

What is programming language?

Talking about programming language, it is a language or language by which computer software and applications are made. A lot of keywords, functions and rules remain in place. We write such programs through these rules, which the computer understands and performs some directed work.

Or it can also be said that software is made using programming language.

For example, C, C++, JAVA, PHP, MySQL, .NET, COBOL, and FOXPRO are all programming language names.

All the applications you see in the Play Store, and all the software on the Internet are developed by these programming languages. We write programs from them.

What are the schedules and instructions?

program is made by combining several instructions . Programming language is used to write all these programs. You may also have read that “write a program to check if a number is prime” in your college. This is an example of a program.

You must have seen calculators on the computer. In which you can add, subtract, multiply and divide.

A calculator is a software, whereas different programs for addition, different programs for subtraction, multiplication and division are written in it. When these four programs are added at a location, then prepared a detailed schedule, that software adds .

What is a directive?

A program consists of 4 to 5 lines of code, which is a collection. Each line in a command is called a  command . Let us now learn how many types of this software are.

What is a Programmer?

Programmers are called program writers. Along with this, they also have programming skills, which they use according to the need.

A software company hires many programmers. who works for them. The programmer gets a small piece of software and works on it for about six months or a year. The company makes deals worth crores to make software. Out of which some programmers get salary as salary.

Which system is the software?

If you want to know the system software, it is an operating system  (OS), BIOS, device firmware, etc.

What is the difference between system software and application software?

System software is the software that acts as the interface between the application software and the system. Whereas, application software is the software that works according to the request of the user. It runs on a platform which is provided by the system software.

How does mobile software kill?

Uninstalling mobile software ends it. To kill here means to remove from the mobile.

What happens when you turn off the software on the mobile?

By hitting the software in the mobile, you remove that software from your mobile forever. If the software is no longer needed for you, for some reason, it causes problems with the functioning of the average mobile; Then it is uninstalled or killed.

How do you maintain software?

Maintenance of software, and you have to check its functionality. The software needs to be updated regularly; Since there is no dearth of hackers in the online world, they stay safe from them as well, if the software fixes any errors, other drivers can fix it. Our software is also used.

Can I Download Free Software?

Yes, you can download the software for free. You will find many such free software download sites on the internet from where you can download free software.

Where do you get computer software?

You can also get computer software online or offline. In online, you will find them on their official site or any other download site. At the same time, offline you will easily find any software at a computer shop.

What did you learn today?

My condition is always with you that you get accurate and accurate and complete information. You must have known about  all this software  today  (What is Software) and its variants . To be honest, we are surrounded by software because it has made our life easier and simpler.

Have you ever wondered how your mobile would be without APPS? You are using software for everything. Those who try never give up.

Hope you like this article; You might have liked Meaning of Software; how did you feel If you want to ask any question now then please write in below comment box. If you are going to give any suggestion or advice, it is very helpful for us.

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