WhatsApp will not limit features and services for not accepting policy

WhatsApp Privacy Policy

Since the mention of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy , it has been embroiled in controversy. After the announcement of the new term and condition in January itself. This new rules and privacy policy of WhatsApp was to be implemented from May 15 last. Due to this privacy policy, WhatsApp and the Government of India have also had to face-to-face.

Earlier, where WhatsApp had made it clear that the features of the app would be limited for users who did not follow the policy, now leaving its strict attitude, WhatsApp has changed its move. The company has said that the company will not stop any feature of users who have not accepted its new policy.

WhatsApp will not limit features and services

This news of WhatsApp has been published prominently by The Verge. The website has published a report according to the statement of the WhatsApp spokesperson, which states that users who have not accepted the new terms and privacy policy of WhatsApp on or after May 15, will not make any changes to their accounts. For such consumers, the use of the App shall not be limited to; That is, there will be no cut in any service of WhatsApp.

This was an effect of the WhatsApp Privacy Policy.

WhatsApp said in its new privacy policy that every user should accept this policy. The company will send notifications in a few weeks to those users who will not get it till May 15. Those who are too lax in accepting it will gradually stop sending them notifications. Then after a time, the services of WhatsApp will be limited by the company due to such users.

The accounting company will limit users who accept the WhatsApp Privacy Policy. Under this, users will not be able to access the chat list in their app. This means that due to the absence of a chat list, WhatsApp users will not be able to send messages to anyone, nor can voice calls or video calls be made to anyone. Chat list access will not be available, but if someone sends a message to such users. This can be seen in their WhatsApp notification. Through information, that message can be read and replied to.

These limited services will also be completely shut down by WhatsApp once it is allowed to receive messages and calls. WhatsApp users will neither be able to receive calls nor will they be able to read and reply to any messages sent by them. That is, after some time WhatsApp will be completely closed.

If you want to know what is included in the new WhatsApp policy, click hereclick here ) and how much you will change your WhatsApp after accepting the policy.

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